Mouse River Rollers History
The Mouse River Rollers (MRR) were formed in 2011, when a group of women got together with a dream of bringing flat track roller derby to Minot, North Dakota. We are based on the principle that roller derby is a sport anyone can play, and bring a positive impact to our community.
In 2013, we formed our all star team, the Nodak Knockouts, who represet the league in game play. Our team travels all over North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Canada, as well as frequent games in Minot. 
The Mouse River Roller league is open to any one over the age of 18 interested in participaiting, regardless of gender or gender expression. Rolls in the league include bench staff, Non Skating officals, and On Skates officals. No skating or spot experience is needed to join our league, we will teach you every skill! We have a wide range of people in our league- parents, students, professionals, young and older-ish. Every one is welcome in our league.
We proudly play by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association ruleset. 

The Nodak Knockouts are currently the bouting team in our league. This team represents the MRR in game play. Our first bout was in 2012, and our first full season was 2013. 


The Knockouts are open to any females over the age of 18 who wish to play roller derby. No experience is needed, but all members of the Knockouts have to meet basic skating skills before playing in a game. We offer a continuous enrollment with the first Tuesday of every month being our open enrollment day.